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Meet Stan

Stanley Tucker, also known as Stan The Man, has a mission to spread kindness through literacy with his non-profit, Leap for Literacy. At a young age Stanley experienced heartbreak when his beloved father tragically passed away. Stanley’s late father was described as an ambitious and hardworking spirit who his son was fortunate enough to be able to feel. Although it was a short time Stanley having such an impactful role model gave him the same thrill for life and to want to make a difference in others’ lives. With that same drive he is picking up where his father left off with the continuous support of his teachers, uncles, and his community. Stanley strives to become an impactful part of the community himself by writing relatable and inspiring stories for children and teaching them the importance of connecting with others through kindness!

With Stanley’s drive and infectious message that the world is bound to love, he has successfully become an author! The book “Stan and The Man” tells of the strong bond that as a young boy he cherished with his father before his tragic passing. The story details how his enduring traits of his father helped him blossom into the fascinating man he has become!

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