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*Feel free to email these schools for more information about their day with Stan. You will be glad you did:-)

Author Visit

I wholeheartedly endorse Stan the Man as a visiting author for any school library. His genuine connection with our students and school community to share his message of kindness continues to benefit our students, well beyond the day that he spent with us!

In addition to his impressive credentials, Stan has a unique talent for connecting with young minds and hearts. His engaging approach to our assemblies, classroom visits and book fair visit fostered curiosity and encouraged active participation for our students. Stan’s presence at our school not only enhanced students' understanding of kindness and empathy, but also motivated them to explore writing their own story and pursuing a journey as a published author. He has also provided rich resources to support our students in the library and classrooms.

Stan left a positive and lasting impression on both students, faculty and parents alike. His commitment to literacy and enthusiasm for sharing his story align perfectly with our school's mission to cultivate a love for learning and kindness. We can’t wait to have him back on campus with us!

Marcia Pearce / Librarian / St. Anne's Episcopal School / Denver, CO

Author Visit

Blown Away -  that's what our school was when Stan Tucker visited.  I had been looking for a long time for just the right person to come speak to our students and Stan was "The Man."

Stan connected to every student on their level grades PreK - 8th grade.  He made each student feel valued and like they had been friends for years.  Stan is so much more than an author/storyteller, he is the best motivational speaker I have ever heard.  The students listened, laughed, were positively engaged and talked of nothing else the rest of the day.  Our school received countless emails and compliments on his visit from parents whose students went home and told their families so excitedly about everything he said and did.  Stan even accepted an offer from our 8th graders to play some basketball.  How great it was to watch him connect in such a personal way to an age level that can sometimes be a little tricky to reach.

I totally recommend Stan Tucker to any school and we are very anxious to have a return visit in the near future.

Leisa Kersh/ Librarian / St. Andrew's Episcopal School / Amarillo, TX

Author Visit

There are very few people you meet in this world that you can look at and go “That is a genuine person,” but you, Stan, are one of them. Your patience and kindness shines from you like a light. Students and staff were immediately drawn in and wanted to bask in your warmth, and try to take a piece of you with them at the end of the day. And you gave your all to them! You made time to stop, talk, and make connections with every. single. one.

Our students were spellbound during your school-wide presentation. They watched your every move, and hung onto every word. You were one of the first visitors that made our students feel seen and empowered. They have asked me, repeatedly, when you are coming back!

Numerous staff members have told me that your visit was the best author visit they have ever witnessed. They walked out of your presentation a little teary-eyed and a lot inspired. Some of our teachers now have your rules posted on their doors!

Your message was much needed for our students and staff, and your visit came at the perfect time. Words cannot express everything you have done. I am forever grateful that you were able to visit our school in the foothills of Virginia.

Kayleigh Green/ Media Specialist/ Indian Hollow Elementary/ Winchester, VA

Author Visit
Author Visit

  We had the privilege of having Stan Tucker visit our Southern Oregon rural community school in February of 2023.  What an amazing presence that Stan had on our staff and students.  I can’t even say enough great things about Stan and his program.  Our school had watched some of his show the Very Airy Library so to them he was a huge celebrity. His connection with the students was instantaneous. His Be Kind motto followed right along with our school rules.  He visited every classroom and made even more connections with the students. His message reached every student.  Our school loved getting to know Stan so much that we are planning on having him back again next school year.  There are not many people who can come into a school and have such a great effect on all.  Please feel free to contact me and ask any question!

Kellie Smith/ Media Specialist/ Allen Dale Elementary/ Grants Pass, OR

We hosted the amazing Stan Tucker on October 9th at Lake Murray Elementary. Prior to his visit, I included episodes of "The Very Airy Library" twice a week on our morning show. The students and faculty viewed about 9 episodes in all prior to his appearance. As soon as Stan entered the building, it was as if a major movie star were on campus! The children were absolutely thrilled to meet him, get his autograph, and listen intently to what he had to say. Stan began the day with an assembly, in which he shared one of his books about his father. This message resonated with adults and children alike. I recall tears coming to my eyes, remembering families and children who had lost a parent. Stan kept the ball rolling with tales of his teacher life and his awesome appearance on the Ellen show! Stan masterfully wove his stories into valuable jewels, lessons, for the students. He tied in character traits such as: hard work, personal growth, kindness (even when no one is looking), integrity, and dealing with loss and emotion. Stan kept the children engaged and laughing, balancing the vital message with humor and imagination exquisitely. One of our favorite moments during classroom visits with children were the conversations with Cody and Daphne from "The Very Airy Library" shows. They were absolutely hysterical! We so appreciate Stan taking time to see our classes individually in smaller groups. We will definitely have Stan back in future years!  

Rachel Di Maria/ Media Specialist/ Lake Murray Elementary/ Chapin, SC

Author Visit

"BEST AUTHOR VISIT EVERRRRRR!  Stan came to visit our school on Read Across America Day this year and he truly made it the best day of the year!  Not only did he perform three assemblies for our students, but then utilized every extra minute of the day to visit classrooms and spend time with our students!   He even stayed until after dismissal to greet students and autograph books for them!  Stan is one of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met, and his kind heart and infectious spirit is contagious!  All of our students were so engaged and were hanging on to his every word!  He has made lasting impressions on not only our students, but our staff as well!  Our teachers and administrators were also so impressed with him!  Teachers have even asked me to make posters of his mantra and quotes so that their students will remember them!  So many of our students are excited about writing and becoming authors than ever before!!  Stan is now part of our Jackson ES family, and we CAN'T WAIT to have him come back again!"


Cassidy Hobby/ Media Specialist/ Jackson Elementary / Lawrencville, GA

Author Visit

Stan Tucker spent a full day at our school recently and I really can’t say enough good things about him or his program! His enthusiasm is contagious and his authenticity was recognized and appreciated by students and staff alike. I believe Stan’s message of kindness, and being the kind of person your loved ones can be proud of, is essential for our students to hear in a post-pandemic world where healthy social and family relationships are an issue for so many of our students. As teachers, we hope to encourage our students every day to be kind and respectful, but hearing this message from a “celebrity” is priceless! Stan has not only written books that speak directly to our students, but his Very Airy Library program has captivated them as he introduces authors and the idea that they too can be authors. 

While here, Stan wanted to see every single student, outside the typical assembly format. This allowed our students the opportunity to ask questions and interact with him in a much smaller setting. Watching our students' faces while he looked them in the eyes to speak with them, was truly amazing. They have continued to talk about these interactions, and it is clear that this meant so much to our students. I would highly recommend having Stan Tucker visit any school. This was more than an author visit, this was encouragement and motivation to our students as well as our staff. All of our students are living the story of their life and this is an incredible chapter we have had the opportunity to add to that story!

Krista Heres/ Media Specialist/ Apple Pie Ridge Elementary / Winchester, VA

Author Visit

Stan went above and beyond the day he came to our school.  He did two large presentations, and then went into every classroom so he could be with all of our students.  Not only did he motivate students to read and write, but he also motivated them to be kind to one another in all that they do.  Our students were ecstatic to meet Stan and continue to talk about him.  There are not many people out there like Stan Tucker, and I encourage all schools to ask him to come visit!

Leanne Edwards/ Literacy Coach/ Little Mountain Elementary/ Little Mountain, SC

Author Visit

Stan's visit has made a lasting impact on our school community. The students are still talking about him constantly! "I wonder if Mr. Stan would like this book!" "Can Stan come to work here?" "Do you have any of Stan's books I can check out?" Among the many messages I have received from teachers, four of them went so far as to say that in their 20+ years in education, Stan's visit was one of their most memorable days of teaching. He has left his mark on all of our hearts. Stan is a master at making connections with students. He is a light!

Allyson Rutherford/ Media Specialist/ Fairmount Elementary/ Bristol, TN

Author Visit

Stan Tucker visited North Jackson Elementary School as part of his Jackson County visits in January. Students were familiar with Stan from watching The Very Airy Library. They were so excited to meet him! Stan took time to greet each student before or after his presentations. This personal connection made a huge impact! Stan’s presentation was motivational, relevant, engaging, and so fun! Since our visit, Stan has stayed in contact with us and we are excited to build upon our initial visit by developing future programs with him. It is rare for an outside individual to make such a positive impact on an entire school. Stan Tucker has North Jackson’s heart and we are excited to have him work alongside us to challenge, excite, and help our students achieve their full potential!

Sarah Mixon/ Media Specialist/ North Jackson Elementary/ Jackson, GA

Author Visit

Stan the man was Truly the Man…He was the difference maker and an inspiration for our school during his visit! By far the best author we’ve had! His presentation and assembly was engaging, interactive, while promoting reading and kindness! He played his read'n roller game with students-which brought a lot of laughter and fun for everyone! He personalized and tailored his visit to each class to answer questions! For our family event-He spent time talking to families, autographed books, book bags, and did photos with students! He even took time to have lunch with our students! His visit is one you will always cherish and remember! He truly spread the love for Literacy and kindness to our students and staff! Your school will be rejuvenated with a spirit of kindness and excitement for Literacy from his visit! He is a Must have Author to visit your school! 

Donna Jerome/ Media Specialist/ Stonewall Elementary/ Winchester, VA

Author Visit

“Stan Tucker had a wonderful program and message for our student body in two large group assemblies. However, Stan made sure to spend the rest of the day visiting classrooms and talking with students! He made connections with so many students and teachers. Stan definitely practices what he is trying to teach children. He is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. If you are looking for a genuine role model to inspire your students and staff, Stan is “The Man” for your school’s next special guest.” 

Kaye Byard / Media Specialist/ Kenwood Elementary/ Clarksville, TN

Author Visit

Stan came to our K-5 elementary school and immediately embraced our students and staff as if we were
old friends. He did two presentations, one for our older students and one for our primary grades, and I
can honestly say he had the attention of over three hundred kids not once, but twice. He is kind, funny,
warm, and honest, and I’m so grateful for everything he brought to our school that day. His message of
being kind, even when life hands you hardships, was meaningful and important and I know that he
inspired many of our students. Stan also took the time to visit each of our 24 classrooms and make
personal connections with our students. He even attended a basketball game after school! Our students
will not forget him, or his message, anytime soon. If I can eliminate any doubts you have about booking
Stan for your school, please let this be it! I’m already looking forward to when we can book him again in
the future.

Melissa Budd/ Media Specialist/ Dana Street Elementary/ Kingston, PA

Author Visit

''Stan's visit was absolutely AMAZING!  I can't say enough good things about the way Stan engaged and interacted with our students.  He led three assemblies for our very large school, visited classrooms and met with students in a small group.   He encouraged kids in their writing and inspired them to be the best that they can be in all areas of their lives!  During his visit we could see his desire to truly make every child feel important and to make life-changing connections.  His positivity and energy have made a huge impact on our entire school community.  He is without a doubt one of the most kind and genuine people I have ever met, and we cannot wait to have him visit our school again! ''

Karen Martin / Media Specialist / Duncan Creek Elementary/ Gwinnett, GA 

Author Visit

We had the privilege of having Stan Tucker visit Kennedy Elementary School, and it was truly an inspiring experience. Stan's passion for writing and his ability to connect with children was simply amazing. He was an engaging storyteller, and he had students hanging on to his every word.  But what impressed me most about Stan was his ability to motivate the children. He encouraged them to always be kind and respectful, work hard, and never give up on their goals.  His inspiring messages were delivered in a fun and relatable way, and I could see the impact it had on the kids.  Overall, Stan Tucker is an exceptional children's author and motivational speaker. His visit to Kennedy Elementary was a huge success. I would highly recommend him to any school, and we would love to have him visit again very soon! 

Debbie DiRenzo / Media Specialist/ Kennedy Elementary/ Barrow, GA

Author Visit +
Share Your Story Kickoff

I have never seen my kids so excited about writing! Stan Tucker makes a memorable connection with students through his energetic and positive presentation. Not only does he inspire authors, he inspires people. His message of kindness and integrity is one that cannot be heard enough. Through his personal story, Mr. Tucker inspires students to find their own voice and bring it to life through the written word. I cannot wait to read the stories my students will create. 

Elizabeth Raque / Instructional Specialist / Nickajack Elementary/ Cobb, GA 

Author Visit +
Share Your Story Kickoff

Such a motivational experience! Stan visited our school to introduce himself to our students and kickoff his writing program. He captivated the crowd through his stories of relevance which essentially excited our students about the upcoming writing opportunity. He engaged our students by sharing some of his own personal life experiences that touched the hearts of our children and encouraged them to persist despite the obstacles they will inevitably encounter. Stan’s visit inspired our students to write their own story, but the impact he made went beyond academics. He left our children feeling empowered; he uniquely encouraged each child to be kind and always strive for greatness. He showed a genuine interest in the lives of our students and made a concerted effort to build their confidence. We can’t wait to welcome him back again next year to continue making a difference within our school and community!

Bethany Forrester / Gifted (Specturm)  / Alps Road Elementary/ Athens, GA

Author Visit

WOW! Our day with Stan Tucker was amazing!  He did two presentations and then spent quite a bit of time with some of our students who could benefit from one-on-one encouragement! Our students were completely engaged and continue to repeat his three key points: Kindness & Respect, Give your best effort, and Do the right thing even when no one is watching.  I highly recommend having Mr. Tucker for school presentations! We are going to have him back later this school year!

Gretchen Huff / Media Specialist / Baggett Elementary/ Gwinnett, GA

Author Visit

Monarch PK8 was delighted to host Stan at our school, and his visit was nothing short of extraordinary. Stan's dynamic presentations, tailored for both our K-5 and 6-8 students, showcased his genuine connection with our school community. He went above and beyond, meeting with each grade-level individually to discuss his books, encourage participation in the "Share Your Story" writing contest, and inspire students to spread kindness. Stan's powerful messages left a lasting impact, emphasizing empathy and responsibility. Even after his departure, his continued engagement through emails and videos addressing student questions reflects his unwavering commitment to student growth. Stan Tucker's visit was a joy, and we eagerly look forward to welcoming him back in the future.

Kelsey Shearer / Media Specialist / Monarch PK8 / Denver, CO

Author Visit

When THE amazing Stan Tucker came to visit Taylor Elementary, he inspired children AND adults through his commitment to kindness and the power of telling your story! He went non-stop from the starting bell to the ending bell (literally)... and left the most positive, indelible mark on us all!  He gives students from all backgrounds and abilities an authentic example of what is truly important and "cool"...and does this in a way that also stresses the value of being life-long readers, writers, and caring human beings! Stan's capacity to touch every heart and mind in such a short period of time is unparalleled!  We cannot wait to have him come back!

Meg Lovejoy / Media Specialist / Taylor Elementary/ Lawrenceville, GA

Author Visit

What a way to start off our school year!  Stan was engaging, intentional, and took time to develop relationships with all students and staff. Students were so excited to see him when he walked in!  He made an effort to make personal connections and make every student feel unique and heard. Stan instilled confidence in our students in writing to which several have already started writing their own books. Students are still talking about his visit and want him to come back very soon!

Melissa Peeples / Instructional Coach / Sugar Hill Elementary/ Gainesville, GA

Author Visit

I could have written a book and been on the Very Airy Library about this amazing guy who came with a book about his father and changed the lives of not only my students, but my teachers, too.  They were revitalized, and at just the right time of year as we were winding down and the days were getting long.  This guy is now my friend and I hope we have more opportunities to work together in the not too distant future!! 

I was sitting at my computer at the end of a long day, opening email after email, when Stan Tucker’s caught my attention about a possible school visit.  I know how special author visits are and what they can mean in the life of a child.  Covid put a halt to our yearly author visits, but I knew it was what my school needed to get fired up about books and reading.  I couldn’t have chosen a better author/presenter to kick us off…STAN is THE Man!!

I didn’t go to his website or read any testimonies from other schools…I picked up the phone and called him.  From the moment he answered, as he was driving…don’t tell his mom, I knew he had to come to my school.  His energy and passion for children matched my own and we became fast friends in a 40 minute phone conversation.When Stan arrived he was on ready and his presentation held the students in silent focus the entire time.  He was engaging and they were hooked.  He connected with the students and they just gravitated to him all day long.  He visited every classroom in a Florida downpour and never once complained.  Stan came back to our evening event and the students showed up with books they had created and parents eager to meet the man who got their child so fired up about writing.  Students had gotten off the bus and sat right down, so they would be finished in time to bring their book back to school that evening to show Stan.  Stan was energetic, patient and stayed until every picture had been taken and every book signed.

His visit is still being talked about by students, staff and parents. I can’t say enough about this incredible educator and his passion for all things student focused.  We will definitely be bringing him back to Plew!!

Shawn Christ /Media Specialist / Plew Elementary/ Niceville, FL

Author Visit

Words cannot describe the amazing and uplifting experience that Stan brought to our school! His smile and inspiring personality allowed every child (and staff member) to immediately feel a connection with him. Gathering at the beginning of the day allowed the whole school to come together and Stan reiterated the importance of sharing love and kindness every day. The students were then able to meet in small groups with Stan, where he encouraged every child to become an author and to tell their own story. We CAN NOT wait to have Stan return for another visit. Everyone at Palermo Elementary cannot stop talking about Stan the Man!

Tiffany Carpenter / Media Specialist / Palermo Elementary/ Mexico, NY

Author Visit

Stan brought tremendous positive energy to our school!  From the moment he arrived, students from kindergarten to 5th grade couldn’t get enough of his fist bumps, high fives, and personalized attention.  During both the whole-school assembly and his classroom visits, he encouraged creative writing, kindness, self confidence, and integrity.  His magnetic personality and enthusiasm had students riveted and star-struck!  Stan conveyed the belief that everyone can and should tell their unique stories.  The day itself was a wonderful experience for our school community, and every day since, we have had multiple conversations with students about Stan, his books, and his literacy message.  We can’t recommend him highly enough!!

Sarah Mann/ Media Specialist/ Puckett's Mill Elementary / Dacula, GA 

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