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A Day With Stan

Thank you for your interest in bringing me out to visit your school! It would be an honor to share my story and my message with your students. I have a few goals to achieve while I'm there. First and foremost, to inspire them to live a life that makes the most important people(parents, teachers, coaches, etc) in their lives proud and give them my simple three-step blueprint to achieve that. Next, to encourage them to one day write their own stories. Last but not least, to let them know they are already authors. Authors of their own life story. I will encourage them to go create the life story of their dreams which can be accomplished by following my simple blueprint.

Visit Highlights

-Half or Full day bookings are available.
-Stan loves assembly style presentations but can adjust to the school's preference.
-Presentations last 25-30 minutes.
-Stan loves to visit individual classes for Q&A sessions. Use the time after Stan's presentation to schedule 7-10 minute classroom visits!
-Stan loves to meet with individual students who may need some extra encouragement to do the right thing. Use the time after Stan's presentation to schedule 5-7 minute individual visits!
-Pre-purchase of soft cover books are available at a discounted rate of $10 for students and teachers.



-During Stan's presentation, he will choose a couple students to play his game, The Read'n Roller. This game was inspired by Stan's visit on The Ellen Show. The students will have an opportunity to win some cash from Stan!
-Before Stan arrives to your school or after he leaves. You can introduce Stan's BeKind 39 kindness challenge to the students. When they complete the challenge they will earn a kindness wristband from Stan.


Build The Excietment

-Get your students excited before Stan arrives by introducing them to The Very Airy Library!
-Play an episode on the morning announcements in the weeks leading to Stan's visit. (3-5 mins)
-Share links to the show with teachers and parents in the weeks leading up to
 Stan's visit.
-Watch and listen to Stan read some of his favorite books on Stories With Stan.
-Have students write down questions for Stan and email them to him before he arrives.

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Contact Us

Stan's inspiring author visits teach(inspire) students about the joys of reading, writing and the power of kindness. It is important to us that all students have a chance to meet Stan, even if they attend a school with limited funding for speakers. If you represent one of these schools, please reach out to us to inquire about a speaking engagement and we can figure out how to make it happen!

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