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Stan Tucker's
First Story

We never know how long we have with the people we love, but even when they're gone, the people we love have a way of staying with us. This book is an ode to "The Man", from the son who lost him, and through memories and love, found him again. 

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Reader's Thoughts

I read Stan and the Man to my 4 year old and his first reaction was excitement to the animation. As we read through it, I saw a rang of emotions from happy, laughing, sad and then cheering. 

This is what reading this book has done. It got me in touch, as well as my four year old with our emotions deeper. I walked away wanting my son to understand hurt happens but see the healing that can come as we go through it never forgetting what Stan said.  "People are irreplaceable but the experiences that we share with them can last forever"  

Ronald Smith,

Founder of New Way Revolution

In the press
Read Alouds
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My Kind of People

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. If you don't know where to start, it's simple! Just follow the steps and examples in this book, and you'll be on your way to being a kind person. And remember; one act of kindness can change a person's entire life!

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My Kind of People
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Your Voice

When mom said I had a superpower, I didn't believe her, but it turns out that I do! My voice is my superpower, and the coolest thing about that, is that your voice can be your superpower too!

Use your voice to share your story!

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Screen Shot 2023-04-15 at 4.40.51 PM.png

Use your voice to stand for what you believe in!

No matter how young you are, remember, your voice matters!

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The Lazy Lizard

Lizzy the lizard is destined to be lazy. Her father was lazy, his father was lazy, so why wouldn’t Lizzy be lazy? Or at least, that is what Lizzy believed. Now, Lizzy isn’t so sure what she’s destined to be. 

Will Lizzy always be lazy?

Screenshot 2024-02-16 223655.png
Screenshot 2024-02-16 224600.png

Don't be a LAZY lizard!

Will Lizzy learn a lesson before it's too late? Get

your copy and find out!

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To Jason and his friends, a sneaker is more than just something you put on your foot; it’s a work of art, a piece of history even! Come meet Jeffrey and his friends, and don’t be surprised if they inspire you to become a Sneakerhead too!

Sneakers are like fine art to Jason!

Screenshot 2024-02-16 230005.png
Screenshot 2024-02-16 230356.png

"Sometimes I dream, that he is me, you got to see that's how I dream to be!"

Always remember to be kind, and never judge a book, person, or a sneaker by their cover!

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The Impressions
We Give

Have you ever tried really hard to do something just to impress someone else? Not because you wanted to show off, or make them feel bad, but because you look up to them? Tommy has. He’s been waiting all week to impress his uncle with his clothes, strength and skills. But it’s not his clothes or strength or skills that make the biggest impression on his uncle, it’s the way Tommy treats other people. 

Tommy loves spending

time with his uncle.

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Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 5.14.06 PM.png

Tommy wants make an impression on his uncle.

They had a great day watching their favorite

team play but was that the best part?

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Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 5.00.28 PM.png
Coming Soon!
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Practice Makes

People always say “practice makes perfect” so it only makes sense to practice as much as possible so you can be perfect too, right? Wrong! Let’s tell the truth, you may never be perfect, but if you practice, you’ll always be prepared. 

The boy has big dreams of being a star!

Screen Shot 2024-06-24 at 6.30.27 AM.png
Screen Shot 2024-06-24 at 6.31.20 AM.png

Everyday he practices because he doesn't want to miss a shot!

Will all this practice help him in the big game?

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Screen Shot 2024-06-23 at 6.33.23 PM.png
Coming Soon!

Coming Winter of 2024!

Love Is...
The Only Way!

This short story reminds us about the power of love!

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