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Stan Tucker's
First Story

We never know how long we have with the people we love, but even when they're gone, the people we love have a way of staying with us. This book is an ode to "The Man", from the son who lost him, and through memories and love, found him again. 

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Reader's Thoughts

I read Stan and the Man to my 4 year old and his first reaction was excitement to the animation. As we read through it, I saw a rang of emotions from happy, laughing, sad and then cheering. 

This is what reading this book has done. It got me in touch, as well as my four year old with our emotions deeper. I walked away wanting my son to understand hurt happens but see the healing that can come as we go through it never forgetting what Stan said.  "People are irreplaceable but the experiences that we share with them can last forever"  

Ronald Smith,

Founder of New Way Revolution

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Stan Tucker's
Second Story

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. If you don't know where to start, it's simple! Just follow the steps and examples in this book, and you'll be on your way to being a kind person. And remember; one act of kindness can change a person's entire life!

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My Kind of People
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Stan Tucker's
Newest Story

When mom said I had a superpower, I didn't believe her, but it turns out that I do! My voice is my superpower, and the coolest thing about that, is that your voice can be your superpower too!

Use your voice to share your story!

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Use your voice to stand for what you believe in!

No matter how young you are, remember, your voice matters!

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The Very Airy Library Book!

Our friends from the Very Airy Library are off on another adventure. There are struggles along the way, but through hard work and determination, they reach their destination. What will happen next?!

We need your help to get this old tree off the ground!

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Join Stan and his unconventional crew as they journey to find the newest young authors!

Full speed ahead to our next adventure!

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The Lazy Lizard_Cover (1).png

Coming November 2023!

Don't be a....

This book was inspired by Stan's time as an elementary school teacher!


Coming November 2023!

Love Is...
The Only Way!

This short story reminds us about the power of love!

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Coming November 2023!

What's your
favorite shoe?

Sneakers are just like us, they all have a story!

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