Stan the Man

"Wow! Simply Amazing! Stan captivated the students with his storytelling and energy."



What an amazing experience for our students! Stan was engaging, encouraging, and genuine. He spoke from the heart about his life, being kind to others, and making his family proud. Our students were attentive throughout the session and wanted to know when Stan would be back. He greeted every student with enthusiasm and true interest. We look forward to inviting Stan back to our school to continue to be a positive influence. Stan the Man is the real deal!

Sam D. Panter Elementary

Wow! Simply amazing! Stanley Tucker conducted an online visit for our school and it was outstanding! He held 2 sessions; one for Kindergarten through 2 nd grade students, and the other for 3 rd through 5 th grade students. No matter the audience, he captivated the students with his storytelling and energy! He had some of our students moved to tears because of his story, and he had other students motivated to be better versions of themselves because of his words of encouragement. Multiple teachers emailed and texted to let me know how powerful Stanley’s message was to our students. If you’re on the fence on whether you think this will be impactful for your students, let me stop you. Stanley Tucker makes a difference and he will make a difference for your group as well! I can’t say enough about how great of an experience it was! We plan to make this a tradition of having Stanley speak to our students year after year!

Kevin Johnson  |  Assistant Principal  |  Mount Bethel Elementary

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About Stan


Stanley Tucker is on mission is to spread kindness while increasing literacy through his nonprofit, Leap for Literacy. At a young age Stan experienced heartbreak when his beloved father tragically passed away. Stan’s father was an ambitious and hardworking spirit who Stan continually aspires to emulate.  Although Stan had his father for only 8 years of his life, his Dad’s legacy imprinted a thrill and appreciation for life and a quest to contribute in others’ lives.  With that same drive, Stan picked up where his father left off, creating Leap for Literacy. Coupled with Leap for Literacy, Stan strives to continue become an impactful part of the community by writing relatable and inspiring stories for children and teaching them the importance of connecting with others through kindness!


 Stan’s drive and infectious message led him to become the author of “Stan and The Man”.  “Stan and the Man” tells of the cherished bond between young Stan and his Dad.  The story details how the enduring traits of his father, and love, helped Stan overcome his pain and grow into the engaging and compelling man he has become.

Each copy of “Stan and The Man” includes a “BeKind39” kindness challenge!  Kids and adults can engage in 39 acts of kindness honoring positive interaction for the 39 years Stan’s Dad had on earth.