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About Stan

Stanley Tucker , (known to many children as,  Stan The Man)  is on mission is to spread kindness while increasing literacy through his nonprofit, Leap for Literacy. At a young age Stan experienced heartbreak when his beloved father tragically passed away. Stan’s father was an ambitious and hardworking spirit who Stan continually aspires to emulate.  Although Stan had his father for only 8 years of his life, his Dad’s legacy imprinted a thrill and appreciation for life and a quest to contribute in others’ lives.  With that same drive, Stan picked up where his father left off, creating Leap for Literacy. Coupled with Leap for Literacy, Stan strives to continue become an impactful part of the community by writing relatable and inspiring stories for children and teaching them the importance of connecting with others through kindness!


 Stan’s drive and infectious message led him to become the author of “Stan and The Man”.  “Stan and the Man” tells of the cherished bond between young Stan and his Dad.  The story details how the enduring traits of his father, and love, helped Stan overcome his pain and grow into the engaging and compelling man he has become.

Each copy of “Stan and The Man” includes a “BeKind39” kindness challenge!  Kids and adults can engage in 39 acts of kindness honoring positive interaction for the 39 years Stan’s Dad had on earth.


Get One, Give One! When you purchase a copy of “Stan and The Man” you will also be donating a copy of the book to Stan’s nonprofit, Leap for Literacy ( Leap for Literacy curates and distributes books through a variety of avenues including Stan’s Read n'’ Roll book mobile, primary school read a-louds with Stan, and Share Your Story which encourages primary school children to write and share their own stories.  Kindness Counts, Stan’s newest program, let’s the kids earn the currency to “purchase” books by initiating and participating in acts of kindness in their classroom.

We hope you enjoy your copy “Stan and The Man”, and know another child will as well!